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Business Ethics and Conduct

Maintaining a High Standard of Integrity

It is the policy of Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company (the "Company") to maintain and to enforce the highest standards of integrity in all its business activities. This includes business activities conducted on behalf of, and for, Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P. ("IGTS"), a Delaware limited partnership on whose behalf the Company acts as operator. In this regard, as employees, officers, directors and agents of the Company ("Company Representatives"), we strive to conduct our business in strict compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations so that we may always be regarded as an ethical organization of dedicated and competent individuals of high integrity and credibility.

To ensure continuing attention to matters of ethics and standards on the part of all Company Representatives, this Code of Business Ethics represents a written extension of the personal integrity typically exhibited by Company Representatives who have complied with our policy to protect interests of the Company, its owners, and those with whom we do business. In doing so, we have made a conscious effort to avoid any personal interests that may directly or indirectly conflict with our business responsibilities.

Each of us is ultimately responsible for our actions. It is intended, therefore, that all Company Representatives be aware of this Code of Business Ethics and our Harassment: Personal and Sexual Harrassment Policy since good business practice dictates that suspected dishonest or unlawful activity be promptly identified and investigated. Moreover, it is expected that all Company Representatives, and anyone doing business with our Company, will exercise the highest level of integrity and judgment in all business matters.

Download a PDF copy of Iroquois Code of Business Ethics (13 pages)

Download a PDF copy of Iroquois Harassment: Personal and Sexual Harrassment Policy (12 pages)

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